Chih Hsun LIN
Current Position
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon/Director of vascular tissue bank and chronic wound care center
Taipei Veterans General Hospital
Short Topics Session

Topic: Vascular tissue banking: state of the art


There is a clinical need of vascular graft to bridge blood flow in many kinds of surgery. The resource of vascular graft could be autologous, allogenic or xenogenic vessel. Autologous vessel is the first priority but about 30% patients without suitable vessel. Another concern of autologous vessel is increase of donor site. Hence, cryopreserved allogenic vascular graft could be another choice for vascular replacement clinically. The vascular tissue bank in Taipei Veterans General Hospital was established since July, 2011. The bank processes cadaveric vascular tissue preservation according to AATB guideline and provides suitable grafts for clinical usage. The cryopreserved large and middle-diameter vascular grafts have been used in liver transplantation and pancreas transplantation with promising results. In addition, we developed small-diameter vascular graft with decellularized umbilical artery as vascular scaffold. The tissue engineering approach incorporated adipose stem cell, bio-lipid (sphingosine-1-phosphate) and decellularized arterial scaffold. The preclinical test indicated biocompatibility of vascular scaffold, including endothelialization and maintenance of blood flow. The small-diameter vascular graft is anticipated to be applied in free flap surgery and peripheral arterial bypass in the future.