Shen Sun
Current Position
1. Senior attending doctor, cardiovascular surgery, Mackay Memorial Hospital
2. Lecturer of Mackay Medical College
3. Member of council of Taiwan Society of Vascular Surgery
Mackay memorial hospital
Medication Forum Session

Topic: Pelvic congestion-Diagnosis and treatment


In the past, chronic pelvic pain was always thought to be related to gynecologic problem, while pelvic congestion syndrome was just a “trash can” diagnosis. Contrary to the lower limb, the anatomy, pathophysiology and the treatment of pelvic venous disorders is beginning to be understood. Reflux +/- obstruction in various components of the abdominal and pelvic veins often accumulates in the same clinical symptoms and signs, causing complex diagnostic and therapeutic problems. Although our understanding remains incomplete, we try to disclose the disorder through a appreciation of the complex anatomy and physiology that appropriate therapeutic decisions can be made.

Access Session

Topic: Cephalic arch stenosis-open surgical treatment


As the forearm vessels are exhausted, using the cephalic vein as single draining outlet might be inevitable . However, due to complex anatomy and hemodynamics-related negative vascular remodeling, it is still a dilemma to manage stenosis in the cephalic arch with endovascular intervention. Here, we will remind some so-called “traditional” or “open” surgery to deal with such a challenging problem.