Jer-Shen Chen
Current Position
Director, Department of Cardiovascular Surgery
Far Eastern Memorial Hospital
Thoracic Aorta Session

Topic: Physician-modified stent graft (PMSG): Implantation and open removal


Our team began to perform physician-modified stent graft (PMSG) for the aortic arch since 2015. Till Aug 2022, 190 patients underwent PMSG implantation in our hospital, including 17 double fenestrations and 15 triple fenestrations. The technical success rate is 98% and branch graft patency rate is 98.7%. However, despite of high success rate and branch patency rate, we encountered several situations that we have to remove the fenestrated devices. Stent graft infection is the most common reason. We will share our experience of removal of single, double, and triple fenestrated aortic stent grafts and their corresponding peripheral stent grafts inserted into the branches. So far, all the explanted fenestrations remained intact.