Jianing Yue
Current Position
Associated Chief Surgeon
Zhongshan Hospital Fudan University
Access Session

Topic: Value of stent-graft in dysfunctional AV fistulas and grafts: experience from China


Fistuloplasty has been used for failing dialysis access for more than decade in China. In In certain types of lesions, primary patency is not satisfied. Bare metal stents has been proved do not improve PTA perfomance and are now recommended only for bailout. Covered stents show early promise, with some level 1 evidences that have been done to explore the role of covered stents in AVGs. In Zhongshan Hospital, we observed 52.6% and 72.4% primary patency at 12 monthes after covered stent implanted in AVG venous outflows and central venous obstructions respectively. In this presentation, we also reports our preliminary experience about the covered stent used in cephilic arch, central venous obstructions, AVG outflow and AVF anastomosis. However, many questions remain, including technical details, the long-term outcomes, and overall costs. Despite these issues, stent grafts are seems as promising, in some cases, have already surpassed fistuloplasty alone as the gold standard for treating dysfunctional dialysis accesses.