Tarun Grover
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Editorial Board, Annals of Vascular Diseases
Editorial Board, Indian Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery Journal of Indonesian Society for Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
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Topic: Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy in occluded AV Grafts, An Indian Experience


Aim :
Endovascular mechanical thrombectomy using the AngioJet™ system and Penumbra can be successfully used to reestablish patency in occluded Av Grafts for Dialysis Access . The Purpose of this study was to review our results for endovascular mechanical thrombectomy in patients presenting with Acute Occlusion of grafts (AVG).
A retrospective Analysis of patients requiring hemodialysis for renal failure were analyzed from the electronic records of the Hospital over the period of last 3 years. Patients who underwent endovascular mechanical thrombectomy procedures with the AngioJet™ or PENUMBRA system for occlusion of vascular access ( AVG ) were included in the study. Clinical and technical success rates and patency rates were calculated.
A total of 22 patients with thrombosed vascular access were reviewed during a mean follow-up period of 28 months in patients with an AVG. Technical and clinical success was achieved in 92.6% AVG cases respectively.
Mechanical thrombectomy with balloon angioplasty / Stenting as anadjuvant is a minimally invasive and effective procedure for the treatment of thrombosed native arteriovenous fistula. Advantages of this technique are minor complication rates, cost effectiveness, high technical success rate.