Enrico Ascher
Current Position
Professor of Surgery
New York University, New York
SVS Keynote Session

Topic: Contributions to Open Limb Salvage Techniques


Endovascular strategies have had a significantly increased role in the management of ischemic claudication and in those presenting with CLTI. Although largely successful, the endovascular approach has had unintended negative consequences. The younger generation of vascular surgeons has not been sufficiently exposed to complex rescue open procedures. Also, the non-surgeon interventionist tends to push the envelope, at times too far, of endo-techniques, limiting potentially successful alternatives with open surgical approaches.
In my presentation, I will share with the audience and viewers several open techniques for limb salvage that I had the opportunity to develop over my career as a vascular surgeon that will hopefully encourage the new generation of vascular surgeons to be aggressive in salvaging severely ischemic lower limbs deemed candidates for a major amputation. I will also highlight the importance of using duplex scanning to identify infrapopliteal arteries believed to be occluded by CTA or angiography as well as to repair failing bypass grafts and other complications of open techniques.