Anthony Feghali
Current Position
Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery
SUNY Upstate Medical University
SVS Keynote Session

Topic: The Hidden Triangle: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome


The Hidden Triangle: Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Will discuss all forms of thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) including neurogenic, arterial, and venous TOS. This is a disease that is often misdiagnosed or receives delayed treatment. The goal is for vascular surgeons to understand the complexities involving TOS and how to properly identify, manage, and the treat this unique patient population. We will discuss the various surgical approaches and how to provide the best outcomes for our patients long-term.

SVS Keynote Session

Topic: Pulmonary Embolectomy in the Hands of Vascular Surgeons


Pulmonary Embolectomy in the Hands of Vascular Surgeons Percutaneous pulmonary artery mechanical thrombectomy is a minimally invasive treatment for patients with sub-massive pulmonary emboli (PE). Recent registry data suggest that only about 12% of these procedures are being performed by vascular surgeons. At our institution, we conducted a single center, 1-year, retrospective review of all patients who had percutaneous pulmonary artery aspiration mechanical thrombectomy (PPAAMT) performed exclusively by vascular surgeons for the treatment of acute, sub-massive PE. We analyzed prospectively collected data and reviewed post-procedural outcomes including pulmonary artery mean arterial pressures (PA-MAP), interval improvement of respiratory function, and mortality. Among the patients treated with PPAAMT by our surgeons, 76% demonstrated an improvement in oxygen requirements and 83% saw an improvement in their post-thrombectomy PA-MAP. There were three mortalities (16%), none of which were procedure-related or attributable to the patients’ acute presentation or to PE recurrence. These results suggest that PPAAMT can be strategically incorporated into an already busy vascular surgery practice at a tertiary care center with high degree of safety and efficacy.