Sergio Gianesini
Current Position
Associate professor
enous Lymphatics World International Network (vWIN) foundation ONLUS
Italian National Habilitation
Venous Reflux Session

Topic: Evidence based venous active drugs: presents and future


Venous Active Drugs (VAD) have demonstrated to be safe and effective in the management of lower limb Chronic Venous Disease (CVD).
Fundamental knowledge of the scientific literature is mandatory to guide appropriate use of this useful component of the venous disorder management.
Indeed, not all the drugs are recommended through the entire disease spectrum and different validation grades have been obtained by the several products.
Moreover, the market is flooded by not properly validated substances, claiming benefits that have never been actually supported by proper scientific data collection.
This presentation will focus on the results of the recent dedicated literature search performed in the occasion of the v-WINter 2022 document on “evidence-based fake-news-free venouslymphatic communication”, highlighting the accomplished evidence while pointing at unmet needs still in need of further investigation.