Yongjun Li
Current Position
Chief of department of vascular surgery
Beijing Hospital
Abdominal Aorta & Aortic iliac Session

Topic: Internal iliac artery reconstruction during EVAR


EVAR now is the major therapy for triple A. Most of the abdominal aortic aneurysms have iliac artery involved which need internal iliac artery reconstruction during EVAR. Right now, we have many different ways to achieve internal iliac artery reconstruction. Two main commercial devices, IBD and IBE, can be chosen; and other methods can finish this reconstruction too, includes open surgery and physical modified on table. However, during the procedure, complications must be considered, and before EVAR, risk of patients have to be evaluated carefully. IFU shall be followed when IBD or IBE is selected. This is the key point to keep the successful rate of internal iliac artery reconstruction and long-term patency.
The anatomic situation of iliac artery is very variable, and only 44% patients are suitable for internal iliac artery reconstruction according to the IFU of IBD or IBE. So, to prevent type II endoleak, embolization of internal iliac artery is a usual method, with plug or coils. In this presentation, the severity and ratio of complications of internal iliac artery embolization were summary too.